Sunday, January 4, 2015


     Over the past decade, like many others in their late 20's, I've generated a mountain of debt that seems impossible to climb.  Student loans, credit cards, personal loans, it's a bit overwhelming when you're trying to move on to the next stage of your life.  Though a job loss hit me really hard last winter, I can't blame anyone but myself for not being more educated and frugal with my money. It is time to get motivated, on the right track, and share it with you along the way. 

     My goal with this blog is to share ideas, savings tips, and my experiences with getting on top of my money flow in order to hopefully help others that are/were where I'm at right now.  I AM BY NO MEANS AN EXPERT or financial advisor by profession, but I have had my experiences with the ups and downs, and done plenty of research on how to get finances in order.  I will be posting on how to save money each month, ways to make extra income on the side, and other misc. tips that helped me get on top of my personal finances.  Happy New Year to all, and onward & upward we go!

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